LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), is a gas consisting mainly of methane (mixed with secondary hydrocarbons such as ethane, propane and butane) which is liquefied through a series of cooling and condensation processes. It is odorless and colorless and in suitable temperature conditions, around -160°C, it can be stored in a liquid state and transported anywhere for multiple uses.

LNG can be of fossil origin, extracted from natural gas fields in the subsoil, or of biological origin – BIO LNG- produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic matter (agricultural waste, animal manure or solid urban waste) through a process of separation of the biomethane from other byproducts (mostly carbon dioxide), followed by a process of liquefaction.

LNG-C is a natural gas produced by the compression of high purity methane rigasified LNG.

During the liquefaction process, its volume is reduced by 600 times and this allows a huge amount of energy to be stored in a small space. It is a product with a low environmental impact: it eliminates particulate emissions and reduces significantly CO2 equivalent emissions.



  • Fuel with a very low impact on environment and people’s health
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced up to 30% compared to traditional fossil fuels
  • Minimized particulate emissions for a better air quality
  • Almost zero risk of soil and groundwater contamination


  • Essential in the freight and people transport for a more sustainable mobility
  • Very performing in the industrial use and compatible with high energy efficiency solutions, such as cogeneration (for the combined production of thermal and electrical energy), and trigeneration (for the recovery of refrigeration energy from the LNG vaporization process)
  • Ideal for off-grid local networks
  • Strategic in bunkering and naval transport
  • Naturally replaceable by BIO -LNG


  • High calorific power and lower systems maintenance costs
  • Technical regulations and safety security standards mostly similar to natural gas grid
  • Greater milage for heavy-duty trucks
  • Significant global product avalilability in the short and medium term of natural gas fields, which are largely exploitable
  • Significant reduction of the total energy cost (so-called TCO, Total Cost of Ownership) of LNG users, whether this is a gas-fired thermal power station (instead of diesel, fuel oil, or biomass) for the production of heat, or a vehicle to power the engine with methane (instead of diesel)


Solid and historical relationships with the main market operators, highly qualified technical skills and human resources are the primary resources of jEnergy. The company can count on a highly specialized logistics, which at the same time is flexible thanks to the synergies with the historical realities of the group that allow it to be present in all phases of the supply chain from the supply of the LNG molecule to trasport, up to storage and regasification at the final users.

  • Supply security: supply contracts with the main loading terminals
  • Flexible scheduling of deliveries: planning of supplies fully managed by the internal Customer Service
  • Reliable and sustainable logistics: interconnection of distribution fleets and intermodality of transport carried out with owned cryogenic trailers and with latest generation trucks powered by LNG, benefiting from a synergical collaboration with the subsidiary Delta Energy
  • Cutting-edge plant engineering: construction and management of innovative refueling stations and development of technologically advanced energetic solutions for the industrial users of any sector and size, with storage and regasification plants entirely financed, built and managed by jEnergy in areas that are made available from its customers
  • Tailor–made service: centralization of technical skills and sharing of experiences of highly trained personnel in the field of safety and environment, thanks also to the technical consulting of the subsidiary Maxcom Petroli

Our ambition is to grow on the national territory together with Partners, who, like us, want to make the difference in the energetic transition of our Country, betting on sustainability and focusing on performing specializations in the value chain.

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